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We Need Bloggers!

Earn money blogging:

Are you a blogger who takes pride in your work? If you qualify, we can offer you a regular source of income plus the opportunity to sharpen your writing and blogging skills and to learn more about subjects in which you have a particular interest.

Start earning now:

Once we accept your application, we will start paying you immediately. Your pay will be per blog – and will not depend on the readership of what you write. At the end of each month, you will be paid for each blog you wrote that month.

Join our team:

We are a fast-growing online public relations company. Our clients want to build their online reputations by publishing quality content on the internet. To make sure that the content we provide is of the best possible quality, we need to hire bloggers who are knowledgeable about the topics they will write about.

Apply right now:

If you want to sharpen your writing and blogging skills and make money while you do, please complete our application below and attach a copy of your most recent resume. That’s it.

The next step:

A sample assignment for which you will be paid. If your first assignment meets our quality standards, we will ask you how many blogs you can handle, and you will be on your way to earn extra income as you are increasing your skills.

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Alex Spencer

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