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Pro-Blog Writer

Pro-blog writer is for all those who are, or wish to be professional bloggers; it is also for those who want to be novelists, short story writers and for anyone with love for the written word.

It appears on pages that it contains lots of bit and pieces to hopefully raise a smile, a laugh or even a full-blown chuckle. It will also build into a useful font of knowledge to aid you in finding contests and competitions, tips and suggestions from others on our journey.

It is a place to publish your short stories to give them an airing, maybe also to receive constructive critique from readers and to start building your audience. At the moment I cannot pay for submissions, but you will receive a by-line and a quality link back to your site. I hope to be able to spend a small amount in the not too distant future and also to run a couple of competitions myself, stay tuned for news about that.

For no better reason than my favourite genre of fiction is the old who-done-it, that will be the kind of short story you will find here, anything from the year dot to 1914.

The kind of thing that won’t make it is chick-lit, erotica anything with additional lousy language, anything cruel, sci-fi, fantasy etc.

I don’t mind if your submission has been published before just so long as it is yours to post here and you will, of course, keep control of all rights to your work.

Alex Spencer
Alex Spencer

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