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It’s amazing how much computers and laptops are more affordable nowadays. I was looking at old receipts from computers and disk drives I bought back in the 80s. I had paid $500 for a floppy disk drive! Then I stumbled on a gem of a bill. A Tandy3000 computer which was a 286 class, yes I paid $3000. For that computer! Now it’s not even worth the metal I could sell it for.

I was reading when Nasa sent John Glen around the Earth in the early days of rocketry; they were using computers that would fill a room but were less potent than my Tandy3000! Amazing I could have sold my Tandy 3000 for few millions of dollars during time travel of a few decades earlier, now it makes a clumsy doorstop.

Proofs of more affordable desktop computers and laptops as well are everywhere. Not later then another day, I was looking through the classifieds section of the newspaper for some affordable laptops, and I was shocked by how much the prices have dropped in recent times! I mean, just over a year ago, when I decided to go out shopping for a laptop, it cost me an arm and a leg. So much so that I abandoned all hope of ever finding affordable laptops (from a good brand that is) and began using the trusty old desktop at home.

But the latest news was an eye opener of sorts for me. I had never before seen such a wide range of affordable laptops ever before. But of late, the dynamics of big businesses had resulted in affordable laptops. I don’t exaggerate. Which is why a basic notebook that cost upwards of a thousand dollars a couple of years ago is now available for well below the magical thousand dollar mark.

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