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How to Give Buyers What They Really Want Online

Today’s Internet-savvy cash home buyer has a certain expectation when they shop online. As a real estate professional is your online property presentations meeting those expectations or falling woefully short?

Today’s technology-savvy consumers start their home searches online. That’s a fact!, you need to understand this important fact as well: They will eliminate properties based upon their visual content (or, I should say, lack thereof!)

Why is it that consumers can “customize” a pair of $100 sneakers online, but still can’t view decent photos of a $500,000 home? In this eye-opening presentation, Technology Guru and Master Motivator, Verl Workman, walks you step-by-step through some of the most popular websites in the world to show you what kind of experience your potential customers are expecting when they go to your site and visit your listings online. If you’re not giving your would-be clients this level of experience, what message about YOU is this sending and how much business are you losing?

This Engaging Webinar, Learn How You Can

Create a plan for listings that will get more buyers calling to see your homes
Develop an automatic listing syndication strategy that receives every listing more exposure
Track your policy to ensure your marketing dollars are well spent
Understand the lifecycle of a client and how to engage them every step of the way
How to stay in touch with your client for 5-7 years by providing them with real value that keeps them engaged with you
Four specific tips on converting internet leads.
Don’t miss this session! It will be a real eye-opener full of “Aha!” moments!

What’s Your Investor IQ?

Investors are gobbling up the distressed inventory. Are you representing them?

This is an incredible market! Since property values have dropped along with interest rates and a large percentage of homes are in foreclosures, guess what? Investors are coming out of the woodwork! More and more properties are being sold, but not to whom you may think. Recent stats are showing as many as 80% of the properties being sold in some markets are non-owner occupied!

Are you prepared to handle the tough questions investors ask?

Do you have tools and systems to attract more investors to your client portfolio?

Are you prospecting using proven methods to attract more of these highly profitable clients to your business?

A Buyer Listing Service. What?

We as a whole know purchasers are the new hot property. Is it true that it isn’t time you knew how to contact them adequately?

Go along with us this week as Stefan Swanepoel, creator of Swanepoel Trends Report, talks with Duncan Logan, CEO of NationalBLS, to enable you to begin boosting your compass to purchasers TODAY.

Tune in as Stefan and Duncan examine Buyers Listing Service. Stefan will dive further to see whether a national purchaser posting administration is the most significant development to hit land since the MLS or on the off chance that it is only a troublesome innovation to confound the market.

Learning Objectives

Amid this live webcast, you will take in more about the new purchasers posting administration and if it genuinely is justified regardless of your opportunity or cash.

Features of this substance rich session include:

A top to bottom take a gander at a Buyers Listing Service

Compelling approaches to achieve purchasers

About Your Speaker

Stefan Swanepoel is generally perceived as the leading visionary on patterns and has penned 13 Books, Whitepapers and Reports including the 1998 smash hit; Real Estate stands up to Reality (1997), the continuation Real Estate goes up against the Future (2004) and the Swanepoel TRENDS Report.

Stefan’s point of view is dependable for a confident and stable future. On the off chance that you need scholarly incitement, Stefan’s the one to do it. He is connecting with, stimulating and engaging and a standout amongst other speakers in the land business.

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Setting up Your Home For Summer

It’s June and summer is nowhere! In any case, before you can appreciate some enjoyment in the sun, there are a couple of things to deal with at home to prepare your home.

Here are seven different ways of setting up your home for summer.

1. Prepare your aeration and cooling system

Cleaning your AC unit and having any vital administration will enable it to work getting it done limit. Set you up ventilation system for summer by cleaning it. Stop the aeration and cooling system, and gather up leaves and yard trash outside. Inside, clean or supplant channels. Residue the sharp fan edges if you can do as such securely. Ensure air can stream uninhibitedly finished within and outside curls. It is a smart thought to call an expert to review your unit from the get-go in the mid-year.

2. Change your filter preparing you are home for summers

In our hotter Southern California atmosphere, we are on a consistent look for approaches to hold electric bills down. Spotless, new channels work all the more proficiently, which can help continue cooling costs lower. It’s likewise great to check the entryway and windows for any regions that should be shored up. Legitimate protection will help keep chilly air in and warm freshen up.

3. Change the channel in your ice chest as well

Summer is a decent time to check the channel in your fridge. On the off chance that it’s over a half-year-old, get another one so all that lemonade you make on bright summer days tastes as new as could be expected under the circumstances.

4. Wipe out your cooler

Complete a review of what’s in there… toss out anything that has been in there finished multi-year. With getting your home prepared for summer new cooler limit, you can be supplied upon a mid-year supply of popsicles.

5. Modify your sprinklers

Your garden may be watered all the more habitually amid the late spring. Or then again maybe your city is under watering confinements given draft conditions. In any case, it’s an excellent opportunity to get your hands on that programmed sprinkler control. You would prefer not to be the main house on your square with darker grass. What’s more, you would prefer not to get stuck in an unfortunate situation by the water police either!

6. Change your bedding

As yet laying down with wool sheets and an uncompromising down sofa? It’s an excellent opportunity to strip it down. Temperature-controlling sheets may help keep you cooler around evening time, which implies you might have the capacity to turn your indoor regulator up and spare yourself a couple of bucks.

7. Check the edge

Give the outside of your home a mid-year registration by strolling the edge of your home and property line and taking note of anything that necessities consideration. Do your outside lights require new globules? Do you have a broken sprinkler? Are your drains stopped up? Have the rooftop flashings, caulking, and shingles reviewed?