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A Buyer Listing Service. What?

We as a whole know purchasers are the new hot property. Is it true that it isn’t time you knew how to contact them adequately?

Go along with us this week as Stefan Swanepoel, creator of Swanepoel Trends Report, talks with Duncan Logan, CEO of NationalBLS, to enable you to begin boosting your compass to purchasers TODAY.

Tune in as Stefan and Duncan examine Buyers Listing Service. Stefan will dive further to see whether a national purchaser posting administration is the most significant development to hit land since the MLS or on the off chance that it is only a troublesome innovation to confound the market.

Learning Objectives

Amid this live webcast, you will take in more about the new purchasers posting administration and if it genuinely is justified regardless of your opportunity or cash.

Features of this substance rich session include:

A top to bottom take a gander at a Buyers Listing Service

Compelling approaches to achieve purchasers

About Your Speaker

Stefan Swanepoel is generally perceived as the leading visionary on patterns and has penned 13 Books, Whitepapers and Reports including the 1998 smash hit; Real Estate stands up to Reality (1997), the continuation Real Estate goes up against the Future (2004) and the Swanepoel TRENDS Report.

Stefan’s point of view is dependable for a confident and stable future. On the off chance that you need scholarly incitement, Stefan’s the one to do it. He is connecting with, stimulating and engaging and a standout amongst other speakers in the land business.

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