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Is Blogging Becoming Incestuous?

So as a result, apart from the promised competitions and the occasional tip about writing a blog, a novel or anything in-between, I am going to take a slightly more organic approach. I want to see what appears on this site, what people are interested in, curious about and what information you are seeking.

Of the 95% mentioned above a surprising number are asking for new/up and coming bloggers who already have the connections to get their work published and an established audience in the zillions (okay maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration) to bring traffic into the site advertising.

If you are a new blogger just trying to become established in this strange half-world, then use me; or at least use this site, publish something enticing, for which you receive a quality link back to your site and that way all of us build out audiences together.

If you are knowledgeable about mainly European or North American history, organic agriculture/horticulture, most things eco-centric such as self-building your home with wattle and daub or hay bales for example. Or if you have a real-life story from WWI, or can add to anything else you’ve seen here get in touch.

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Alex Spencer

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