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We Need Bloggers!

Earn money blogging:

Are you a blogger who takes pride in your work? If you qualify, we can offer you a regular source of income plus the opportunity to sharpen your writing and blogging skills and to learn more about subjects in which you have a particular interest.

Start earning now:

Once we accept your application, we will start paying you immediately. Your pay will be per blog – and will not depend on the readership of what you write. At the end of each month, you will be paid for each blog you wrote that month.

Join our team:

We are a fast-growing online public relations company. Our clients want to build their online reputations by publishing quality content on the internet. To make sure that the content we provide is of the best possible quality, we need to hire bloggers who are knowledgeable about the topics they will write about.

Apply right now:

If you want to sharpen your writing and blogging skills and make money while you do, please complete our application below and attach a copy of your most recent resume. That’s it.

The next step:

A sample assignment for which you will be paid. If your first assignment meets our quality standards, we will ask you how many blogs you can handle, and you will be on your way to earn extra income as you are increasing your skills.


Is Blogging Becoming Incestuous?

So as a result, apart from the promised competitions and the occasional tip about writing a blog, a novel or anything in-between, I am going to take a slightly more organic approach. I want to see what appears on this site, what people are interested in, curious about and what information you are seeking.

Of the 95% mentioned above a surprising number are asking for new/up and coming bloggers who already have the connections to get their work published and an established audience in the zillions (okay maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration) to bring traffic into the site advertising.

If you are a new blogger just trying to become established in this strange half-world, then use me; or at least use this site, publish something enticing, for which you receive a quality link back to your site and that way all of us build out audiences together.

If you are knowledgeable about mainly European or North American history, organic agriculture/horticulture, most things eco-centric such as self-building your home with wattle and daub or hay bales for example. Or if you have a real-life story from WWI, or can add to anything else you’ve seen here get in touch.

Pro-Blog Writer

Pro-blog writer is for all those who are, or wish to be professional bloggers; it is also for those who want to be novelists, short story writers and for anyone with love for the written word.

It appears on pages that it contains lots of bit and pieces to hopefully raise a smile, a laugh or even a full-blown chuckle. It will also build into a useful font of knowledge to aid you in finding contests and competitions, tips and suggestions from others on our journey.

It is a place to publish your short stories to give them an airing, maybe also to receive constructive critique from readers and to start building your audience. At the moment I cannot pay for submissions, but you will receive a by-line and a quality link back to your site. I hope to be able to spend a small amount in the not too distant future and also to run a couple of competitions myself, stay tuned for news about that.

For no better reason than my favourite genre of fiction is the old who-done-it, that will be the kind of short story you will find here, anything from the year dot to 1914.

The kind of thing that won’t make it is chick-lit, erotica anything with additional lousy language, anything cruel, sci-fi, fantasy etc.

I don’t mind if your submission has been published before just so long as it is yours to post here and you will, of course, keep control of all rights to your work.

Internet Marketing

Is Your Website Making You Money?

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Search engines can make or break a business on the Web. Today’s consumers are researching and comparing prices online before they buy, and they’re using search engines to find what they’re looking for. Help them find your business with professional search engine optimisation (SEO) services.

Our marketing professionals will analyse your website against the known factors that affect search engine rankings and provide a detailed list of recommendations that can help your site work its way up in the rankings.

Why 737 Web Design?

Social Network Marketing. We help you build your custom Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages and give you instructions on how to effectively update and add new content to your social network pages so that they are relevant to your business and complement your sales.
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